Michael and his staff have the know how and insight to train elite athletes, passionate lifters, and new athletes who want to improve themselves. At Fulcrum Training Hall I’ve trained with track stars, basketball players, skiers, an Olympian, and individuals who have the biggest hearts. FTH is a safe place to explore: being in the moment, connecting mind, body, and spirit, and having fun! Come out and have a conversation with Coach Street—improve your strengths and reach your potential.
— David

Michael Street

Owner, Coach

When one finds their strength, they find their purpose. My purpose is coaching people to their strengths. 

I am the owner of Fulcrum Training Hall and have been a professional strength and performance coach since 2005. I worked as an engineer at Microsoft for ten years while simultaneously running a training business before turning my full attention to coaching. I spent the early years of my coaching career traveling the country, teaching and coaching barbell training for physical therapists, trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts. My first gym was in business for over ten years before moving to the current location.

I work with a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals seeking physical and mental competence in competition, to people looking for physical independence and health as they age. The intention behind Fulcrum Training Hall is to create a space for safely exploring barbell training. We strive to be a community built around a positive training environment with mutual support and respect for lifters of all types.

I believe that strength matters – for everyone – and that lives change under the tempering of the barbell. I focus on the concept that people are not strong or weak, simply trained or untrained. This foundational belief opens the gateway for anyone to study strength training and to choose who and what they wish to become. 

USAW Sport Performance Coach



Emily Stanford

Gym Manager, Trainer

My love for movement started on skis in the Cascade mountains and grows every day. I participated in as many sports as possible as a child and had the wonderful opportunity to play collegiate lacrosse at Western Washington University. My passion for athletics and exercise has thus far driven me to earn a degree in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology, a multitude of professional certifications, and a fulfilling career coaching barbell training for both health and competitive development.

I chose this career because I believe that exercise can be the ultimate tool to connect, empower, and strengthen. Strength training is a medium for becoming anything and everything that you want to be. Time spent bridging the physical and mental selves through movement is time spent working to become the best version of you. There is magic in the places where the edges of health, wellness, and performance meet, and I am excited to be part of a community that cares deeply about exploring these edges. 

BS in Kinesiology, minor in Sport Psychology
Starting Strength Coach


Hope Frazier


I believe that the path to self-discovery can be found through the practice of barbell training. When practiced often and efficiently, it will lead to health in its fullest circle (physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, and mental). I am passionate about guiding others in this process--and experiencing the process myself training for Olympic lifting competitions--for it is a life long journey.  

Through my experiences coaching at Fulcrum Training Hall, earning my USAW level one cert, and studying in the Elementary Education program at Western Washington University, I have developed many tools with which to provide an inclusive training environment. It is my intention to always bring positivity, empathy, and compassion to the strength training community. 

BE in Elementary Education (in progress) 
USAW Sport Performance Coach