Are you new or have little experience with barbell strength training? We provide you with three personal training sessions to teach you the fundamental skills and movements used in our group session programming. Each session is tailored to meet your current fitness level and movement ability and progress at a pace that is appropriate for you. We require these sessions as a pre-requisite so that you become familiar with our equipment and training environment and can safely perform barbell movements in a group environment.


Getting Started Series
$255 / three one-on-one training sessions

$225 / per person / three two-on-one training sessions



Are you looking for a structured group training environment of barbell enthusiasts? Our group sessions are two hour blocks open to graduates of our Getting Started Series and new members or drop-ins who have prior barbell training experience. Unlike traditional group exercise, we do not have a one-size fits all program—we personalize the programming to meet you where you are in your training. Our programming and coaching focus on technique, mobility, strength, and furthering your work capacity. Our group sessions provide a supportive team environment, but also the space you need to focus and get the most out of your training. Please contact us to share your story, and to get started with training! 


Two Sessions / week
$135 / month
$730 / 6 months

Unlimited Sessions
$260 / month
$1400 / 6 months

Three Sessions / week
$185 / month
$1000 / 6 months



We offer personalized training and dynamic programs for developing all skill and ability levels.  A personalized training program will be created specifically for you with your goals, needs, and current fitness level in mind, and your trainer will guide you through each session. We will meet you where you are currently, and support you with where you are looking to go! This option also adds flexibility to scheduling, and creates dedicated time to work closely with a coach towards your specific training goals. Prices vary based on the trainer you work with, and the number of people in your session.  Contact us to schedule a time or a consult!



Fulcrum Barbell Club (FBC) is a USAW sanctioned team. FBC is dedicated to the competitive aspect of barbell training. Members of the Fulcrum Barbell competitive team must compete in at least two sanctioned Olympic or Power meets per year. There is a group based approach to training cycles within the club. Individualized programming and development is provided as coaches deem necessary.  


Meet coaching

As an add-on service to a monthly membership, we provide day-of meet coaching to help keep you focused and supported during competition. This involves traveling to a meet of your choice, supporting you through weigh-ins, taking you through warm-up attempts, and assistance in calling attempts for the platform. Our professional staff is experienced in handling lifters at both Olympic and power meets, and has coached on the national level as well as the recreational circuit. We require athletes to sign non-disclosure and anti-doping contracts before agreeing to handle a lifter at a meet. Please contact us to learn more about meet coaching services.