The process of learning about self care and self development is inherently a solo one, but it is a difficult process to undertake alone. It takes a whole community of like-minded people working together to create a space for each individual to explore what it means to be all of who they really are. 

Looking around you to see friends, teammates, and peers who are working through a similar yet unique experience is reassuring and inspiring. A special form of connection, a deep trust and appreciation, forms between the people who show up and allow themselves to be seen, to be vulnerable in their journey of self discovery. 

In the photo below, the 10 am crew shares a moment of rest and reflection between sets. Their positive camaraderie, mutual support for each other, and genuine interest in each other's lives feels like the kind of welcoming community anyone would want to be a part of. Through training alongside each other week after week, these women have developed a unique connection and friendship - an authentic, loving, empowering kind of friendship.