Janice recently made the trek to Memphis, Tennessee, to compete in her first national weightlifting competition! Her performance at a local meet back in October 2018 was enough to qualify for USA Weightlifting Nationals as a 45 kg lifter. Janice committed to this opportunity with extraordinary focus and dedication; working hard for months to refine her technique, improve her strength, and recover harder than ever before. It was a great experience for all, and Janice came away not only with a stellar performance, but lots of valuable lessons about her self and her training.

After missing her opening snatch at 53 kgs, Janice commented on how the intensity of the big stage and bright lights was enough to send her back into old habits. With the mental fortitude of a seasoned competitor, she shook off the miss and came back at that same weight to smash her second attempt. She then stood up with a solid 54 kg on the third attempt, but was given red lights for a press-out by the judges. Regardless, she was on the board and well on her way to a competitive total!


Janice’s opening clean and jerk was also red-lighted by the judges, but it was such a close call that the officials actually asked for a video replay of the lift. Upon review, the judges determined that it was still a no-lift, but this didn’t shake Janice’s composure or focus. By the second and third attempt clean and jerks, at 68 kgs and 70 kgs respectively, she was really starting to look comfortable in the competition environment. She absolutely crushed both lifts with poise and determination. Many positive remarks were made in the back room by other coaches and lifters about Janice’s speed, flexibility, and technical proficiency.


Ultimately, Janice was credited with her second attempt snatch at 53 kg and third attempt clean and jerk at 70 kg, for a 123 total. This put her at sixth place out of a field of 12 lifters. This result is incredible, not just for her first national meet, but also because Janice is 53 years old - 15 to 33 years older than the rest of her competition! 

Janice’s natural athleticism, exceptional drive, and impressive strength continue to amaze us every day. The experience of a national meet is like no other, and we are excited to have been able to support Janice in pursuing this endeavor. A huge congratulations to Janice on her performance, and much gratitude to the Fulcrum Training Hall community, whose support makes trips like these possible for everyone involved!

Next up is the American Masters, a national level masters-only competition being held in Seattle this November. Janice will join seven other Fulcrum Barbell lifters to compete not only as individuals, but for the women’s team title. More details to come soon!