This weekend marked the first of several competitions this spring for athletes from the Fulcrum Training Hall community. Mark, Weber, and Brandon all had a very successful day at the USA Powerlifting rookie competition in Seattle. A unique event, this meet is put on several times per year by USAPL and is geared towards first-time competitors in the sport of powerlifting. Each contestant brings his best in the squat, bench, and deadlift. 

Mark has been training with weights for five months now. He has always been active, but had little experience with structured barbell training before finding Fulcrum in October of 2017. After two technical misses in the squat, he made it on the board with 87.5 kgs (192.5 lbs). Add in an 82.5 kg (181.5 lb) bench, and a solid 130 kg (286 lb) deadlift, and Mark finished out with an impressive 300 kg (660 lb) total. Strong work Mark!

Brandon has been at Fulcrum Training Hall since January, and outside of informal competition in his college weight room, this was his first exposure to the world of competitive strength sports. He made his first two squats, including a PR at 165 kgs (363 lbs), and had a strong bench session, topping out at 135 kgs (297 lbs). Combined with a 222.5 kg (489.5 lb) deadlift, Brandon hit his goal total of 500 kgs (1100 lbs). We are excited to see where he chooses to take his training next!

This meet was Weber’s return to competitive athletics after a nasty bike crash last summer ended his track cycling season early. He has spent the last several months healing up from the injury and focusing his training towards this meet. Weber set personal records in all three lifts, finishing with a 192.5 kg (423.5 lb) squat, 130 kg (286 lb) bench, and 210 kg (462 lb) deadlift. A very strong showing for Weber, placing him first in his age and weight category. Now his training focus will turn back to cycling, and we are excited to see what he will bring on the bike this summer. 

Next up for the Fulcrum Training Hall team: a crew of Olympic weightlifters compete on April 7th at the Industrious Weightlifting Championships. More information about the meet, including location and start times, can be found here.